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Tecomat TC700 - the powerful PLC
It represents the latest generation of the universal control systems for medium to extensive applications with a high modularity allowing the controller to be used in various fields of applications and its flexibility according to user requirements. It has been designed according to international standards and it is based on many year
experience in the field of the development of control systems. Besides the well-proved features of the previous TECOMAT systems it includes new functions brought in the field of automation technique by the rapid development of information technology and telecommunications.

Modules overview
  • CP - central processor modules (CPU)
  • IB - digital input modules
  • OS - digital output modules, solid-state outputs
  • IS - digital input/output modules, solid-state outputs
  • OR - digital output modules, relay outputs
  • IR - digital input/output modules, relay outputs
  • IT - analog input modules
  • OT - analog output modules
  • IC - counter modules
  • GT - motion control modules
  • SC - system communication modules
  • SE - system expanders
  • CD - remote communication modules
  • UC - special communication modules (HART)
  • PW - power supply sources
  • RM - racks
  • SX - system accessories
  • MR - submodules of communication interfaces
  • KB - cables, connectors, termination modules
  • IB, OS, OR, IT, OT, XL - external terminal modules

  • the powerful PLC for extensive applications
  • designed in compliance with IEC EN 61131
  • assembly in racks with 2/4/8/15 positions
  • maximum assembly on 8 racks with 15 positions
  • digital and analog I/O modules, counter and communication modules with own diagnostics
  • all inputs and outputs are galvanically insulated from internal circuits of PLC
  • hot-swap of peripheral modules
  • interface for connection to Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, USB interface, standardly 2 serial channels, optionally up to 10 serial channels
  • AC/DC power supply, UPS function
  • power supply redundancy, power source for each racks is not required
  • 32 bit RISC processor
  • program memory RAM 128 kB + 64 kB for tables
  • Flash backup memory
  • Databox memory for technology data 128 kB expandable up to 3 MB for the most equipped version
  • system time and date
  • battery for RAM and RTC backup
  • system internal diagnostics
  • programming in the languages according to IEC EN 61131-3 (IL, ST, LD, FBD) or in IL language compatible with other TECOMAT PLCs
  • comfortable development environment MOSAIC with a number of support tools for development and debugging of applications
  • on-line programming
  • possibility of saving of all project source code in PLC


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