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Tecomat Foxtrot - the most innovative PLC
Tecomat Foxtrot – is modular control and regulation system. Thanks to the powerful processor unit with wide range of communication possibilities, ingenious system of input/output peripheries or original interconnection with the world of intelligent electroinstallations, Tecomat Foxtrot can be proudly designated as a control system of a „new generation“.

The main features 

  • The new 32 bit RISC processor with frequency 166 MHz
  • 192 kB of program memory + 64 kB for tables (backup flash memory)
  • The memory expandable up to 16 GB by SD/SDHC or MMC memory card
  • The integrated Ethernet interface 10/100 Mbps at the connector RJ45
  • 2 network systems as standard
  • TCL2 system bus with refresh cycle <5ms, the speed of 345kbit/s.
  • CIB system bus with refresh cycle <140ms, the speed of 153.6 kbit /s to 400mb range.
  • RFox radiotransmission system bus (option) in the ISM band (Industial Scientific Medical) 868.35 MHz
  • Up o 134 inputs/outputs with a TCL2 system bus extension (more than 4,000 I/O in the network configuration with CIB components).
  • The design is compatible with standardized circuit breaker modules
  • Number of inputs and outputs can be expanded with TCL2 system bus /length of optical cable system bus extension section up to 1750m!!!./
  • Combined analog/digital and counter/digital inputs at the basic module
  • The integrated 2-wire installation bus CIB (Common Installation Bus) with free topology for the connection of the smart electroinstallation units
  • PLC Tecomat Foxtrot can be joined to operator panel ID-14 in one compact unit
  • Variant with LCD 4×20 characters and 6 functional buttons
  • Integrated web server
  • The possibility of free programming in the FBD language in the new editor of the MOSAIC development environment according to IEC 61131-3
With the TCL2 internal bus, it is possible to connect up to 10 peripheral input/output modules to the CPU unit and up to 32 modules of the INELS electrical installation system with so-called “free topology” of the connected items. This way of connection saves time and costs necessary for building management system (lighting, heating, air conditioning, safety etc.) installations. Further, it is possible to use up to 4 CIB master modules MI2-02M for the connection of the other electroinstallation units. These CIB master modules are connected to TCL2 system bus. Every module allows to connect 2 networks of CIB with totally 64 INELS units. In this case TECOMAT FOXTROT can control up to 9 CIB networks with totally 288 INELS electroinstallation units /more than 4000 I/O!!!. /see also BMS/HMS (CIB-INELS) category/

Basic modules can contain 2 communication channels, fast Ethernet 100 Mb, System Bus (TCL2), CIB Master for CIB units, RFox master for wireless communication, native I/Os, card slot for SDHC, SD, MMC flash memory and button display. They are equipped with RTC and RAM buck-up of up to 500 hours. Fully backed-up program and table memory are 192+64 kB, Databox is 128 kB.

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