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Mosaic - the software for application programmig
Integrated development environment MOSAIC is designated for application programming both of TECOMAT and TECOREG controllers (PLC). The environment of MOSAIC allows programming in the firm instruction language (mnemonic code), the systems with 32 bit processors (TECOMAT TC650, TC700 and Foxtrot) can be programmed also in the languages according to IEC EN 61131-3 (IL, ST, LD, FBD) MOSAIC development environment also comprises a number of tools, which facilitate the development and debugging of applications. The environment preserves the compatibility with the older DOS environment xPRO and allows working with source programs created in this environment. MOSAIC includes the same programming module as IDM parametrizing software for creating the CIB based BMS controll structures.

  • Running under Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Support of programming in the languages according to IEC 61131-3: Structured Text (ST), Instruction List (IL), Ladder Diagram(LD) and Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • The IEC manager for graphics declaration of all elements of the PLC program - data types, variables, functional blocks and program units; possibility of declaration of user-specified libraries
  • POU viewer - a tool for PLC program debugging, monitoring and display of the status of selected variables, it allows using of breakpoints
  • PLC simulator - it allows debugging of programs without the necessity of the connection of real hardware, all types of TECOMAT and TECOREG PLCs can be simulated, also the RELIANCE visualisation software can be connected to the simulator and the entire application can be debugged on one PC
  • PanelMaker - a tool for creation of the dialogs for operator panels ID-07, ID-08 and PLCs of series TC500 and TR200; the program for the panel is part of the program for the PLC
  • PanelSim - this operator panel simulator allows testing of the dialogues created by PanelMaker without the necessity of the connection of a real panel, it works with both the real and simulated PLC
  • PIDMaker - a tool for debugging and design of PID controllers, it offers a view of the control course and facilitates a correct setting of the controller parameters and generates the program code. The simulation of simple systems till the third order with transmission delay is part of the tool.
  • GraphMaker - a tool for the support of debugging and diagnostics of the controlled system allows displaying of courses of selected variables offline also at the real time. Two tracing cursors and the adjustable sampling period allow data storage on the disk as well as the export to DB programs. Function of digital oscilloscope (16 channels) and logic analyser.
  • PLC software configuration - a configuration tool allowing selection of PLC type and definition of the concrete system including parameter setting for particular modules. It also allows reading of the current configuration from the connected PLC.
  • PLC network definition - the tool allows creating the connection among the PLCs within a project in a graphic form and defining of the connection of operator panels or external devices
  • Project manager - comfortable project management, project archiving and backup
  • hypertext and context-sensitive help comprises the entire documentation for the TECOMAT and TECOREG systems in the PDF format

On-line change of the PLC program

The Mosaic development environment allows performing of on-line modifications of the PLC program without the necessity of control stop. This function requires the support from the CPU and concerns only the systems TECOMAT TC700 and TC650. Besides the changes to the control algorithm, it is possible to add and delete variables, change their data type, etc. The switching between the previous and the new program is very fast, typically less than a tenth of the time necessary for program processing. Together with the possibility to change the I/O modules of the pLC without control stop is the on-line modification of the program a very important condition to minimize losses arising by putting the control system out of operation for maintenance purposes of SW and PLC hardware.

Communication possibilities
Mosaic allows communicating with the control system via
  • serial line,
  • Ethernet,
  • USB.
The environment also includes the support for
  • dial-up connection via phone or GSM modem
  • Wi-Fi connection, that allow remote control.


IDM - new software by Teco a.s.

New parameterization SW offered by Teco a.s is designed for easy and quick application of up-to-date electrical installation system INELS. It is intended for those who need to quickly apply the system and expect from it only a standard feature in the normal building management systems as management of lighting, heating, air conditioning over the energy consumption management to the overall supervision of the building, alarm reporting and communication via PC or via mobile phones.
For those who need a freely programmable system, which required special functions or complex integration of other subsystems, such as elevators, parking systems, hotel information and navigation systems, is always available programming environment MOSAIC and TECOMAT FOXTROT, which is with INELS system fully compatible.

  • IDM operates on standard PCs running Windows XP and higher
  • Multilanguage installation with the option to switch language on the run
  • Project manager
  • Simulator - off-line debugging without connected CPU and INELS units,it can be used for the presentation of the solution to customer
  • It operates in two modes, Manager and Designe

allows the import of any bitmap images (ground plan, photos or any other detail) as the background on which the user can place icons. Those representing the various sensors and actors tied with their symbolic names . Such images representing for example floor, room, lighting or heating node can be created as needed more. Together they form the visualization of the project. Visualize can be launched directly from a PC using IDM, or IDM establish a WEB site, which is stored in a central unit and then it accessible to any web page browser on a local network or the Internet.


is designed for any configuration settings and all actions that run the individual events in the system INELS. It characterizes the following features / managers:

  • Device manager
    allows configure up to 6 mounting branches of two-wired bus CIB (i.e. up to 6x32 = 192 units). Assigning symbolic, the man understood names of various inputs and outputs, is setting up a system comprehensible and clear, free of the need to focus in the complex documentation and addressing units. The user can also set "logging", therefore, an automatic record of events (actions) caused by any sensor. In the case of SAS sensor automatically logs the information, the sensor triggered an alarm.
  • Time program manager allows elegantly and quickly prepare, respectively to modify a large number of calendars, which are then simply assigned to the event run under time (heating, lighting, watering, etc.).
    Manager allows you to set time programs for heating / cooling, depending on the time of the day.
  • SMS Manager allows to prepare in advance everything related to the sending information and receiving of control signal SMS and including the management of authorized phone numbers.
  • Action manager
    allows the user by the desire to compile a complex set of mutually independent events and each user pass from more different commands. So you can, for example, exceeded the limits not only cause interference action, but also informative sending an SMS. Any action can be logged, then record the date and time when the recall.

System configuration is in the form of dialogue, when the user selects:
  • what is initializing event (press of the button, short, long, switched on, off, exceeding the limits, receiving of some SMS messages, etc.)
  • optionally how and what system output to respond,
  • possibly set a parameter (such as the length of delay or shut down or the level of required temperature)
  • can add additional actions or commands, such as sending an SMS alarm or setting one of 32 internal flags, which can be used as a condition for other events.


OPC Server

OPC Server is a set of specifications allowing the creation of a universal interface for data transmission between the OPC server and the OPC clients. In this way it is possible to create communication among the systems, which do not know their communication protocols but support the OPC standard. The OPC server communicates with subordinated systems Tecomat and Tecoreg and provides the gained data further to the clients connected, for example for visualisation. The OPC client can arbitrarily connect to the server and receive the data from it. Through it, it can send the data to the subordinated PLCs.


OPC Server allows

  • to define subordinated stations
  • to create a list of transmitted variables
  • the import of configuration files from the Mosaic, xPRO and Epos environments
  • periodical data read/write from/to registers of data zone
  • read/write of station system time
  • read/write to Databox
  • simulation of variable value by direct specification by the user
  • generating of a random value
  • integrating of the value within the specified range (saw)
  • selected variables can be recalculated and their format can be changed
  • Czech or English is used for the environment


The OPC server should be used always when a superior system does not have a communication driver for the systems of the company Teco. It allows providing of data also for another systems than the visualisation ones - for example for information systems, etc.



Software SoftPLC is created for the purpose of making accessible functions that are provided by PLC, to professionals and public without the necessity to have a real PLC.


  • SoftPLC emulates functions of Tecomat TC700 control system with CPU of G series (CP-7003) in the PC platform with operating systems Windows 2000 or XP.
  • SoftPLC allows you to use all possibilities of MOSAIC development environment including all debugging tools (debugger, analyzer, tracing, online change of program).
  • SoftPLC allows you to runmore instances of PLC on one PC.
  • SoftPLC supports co-operation with SW applications of the third parties.

SoftPLC can be used for:

  • the development and checking of PLC application programs
  • the development and checking of application libraries
  • the teaching and testing of the specific programming techniques necessary for control of machines and technologies
  • the development of third parties applications that enlarge or modify functions and features of SoftPLC


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