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BMS (CFox, RFox)
CFox and RFox build an sophisticated system of electrical installation designed for switching, dimming, measuring and control and monitoring of objects. Interchange of information is executed via data bus which comes through all the building. All participants on the bus, i.e. sensors and actuators, are connected to the same bus and change the information through data packets. It is possible to assign different function to each participant (light switching on/off, light dimming, blinds, heating programs etc.) and to set their parameters.

CFox and RFox
 are designed mainly for the family houses, flats or for offices. Using external masters of the bus, it is possible to cover larger applications in the building automation. Together with Tecomat Foxtrot can be used in building management systems (BMS).

FoxTool is used for the operation of all appliances which are part of electrical installation and give a complex overview. It allows to user to assign and set different functions to drivers, to set heating program or operation program for appliances in relation to time, temperature or other events.
No programming is necessary!

Common Installation Bus, two-wire „open topology“ installation bus where up to 32 peripheral bus electrical installation units can be connected to. The bus ensures both power supply voltage for individual units and communication between these units and the Tecomat Foxtrot system. The communication is „modulated“ on the power supply voltage. The supply of the bus is standardly 24 V DC or 27,2 V DC in case of system back-up during the power supply failure.

RFox (Wireless Radio communication for Foxtrot) units are designated for communication  of information to peripheries like lights, heating thermo valve actuators, FAN-COIL or other Tecomat units etc.

Building Management System (BMS) and Home Management System (HMS)

Other special tasks of building management and control can be integrated using Tecomat Foxtrot:
  • Security and fire-fighting systems (EZS)
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • Measuring and control of consumption of all types of energy (Energy management)
  • Access systems - doors, gates, ...(Acces control)
  • Monitoring of lifts and escalators
  • Control room with voice and broadcasting services

The combination of CFox, RFox and Tecomat Foxtrot control system
is designated as a solution for control of large and complicated automation systems of modern buildings. It includes control and continuous monitoring of energy supply sources, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, access, fire and security control, remote monitoring and internet supervising in the structure known as BMS.
Tecomat Foxtrot, SCADA Reliance and Mosaic development environment create a complex Building Management Suite which aggregates the intelligent installation system and actuators in medium and bigger buildings of any complexity.

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