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Regulations for Online ordering

General information

The system for Online ordering is owned by EMEA Gateway.

Product information

1. The names and product images are the exclusive property of the manufacturers and may not be disseminated in any form without their consent.
2. Prices of goods in an online shop are the net.

Information concerning the personal data

1. In the case, the information obtained from order or the implementation of the contract will include personal data, they will be used suitably with their intended purpose in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 1997 ., No. 133, item 883), which sets out rules for the processing of personal data and the rights of individuals whose personal data are or may be processed in the collection of personal data processes. Personal data are processed by the EMEA Gateway in accordance with Article 23, paragraph 1, point 3.4 and 5 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data and are processed only for the recording of beneficiaries. These data can be used for marketing purposes of EMEA Gateway as well.
2. EMEA Gateway ensures the implementation of powers under the above-mentioned law, ie, allows access to the personal data, correcting or deleting them.
3. The user of the online ordering system is responsible for protecting the login and password, and bear all possible financial and legal consequences for its disclosing to third parties.

Software requirements

In order to correct execution of the contract, a user Web browser should:
- Have enabled 'Cookie'
- Support the JavaScript (Internet Explorer 6.0 and Firefox 2.0 or higher)
- Properly serve the style (CSS)


1. Orders made online are handled by the EMEA Gateway on a par with the orders made in writing.
2. For customers with whom EMEA Gateway has signed a permanent contract of cooperation, the conditions and the implementation of procurement is in compliance with these agreements.
3. For new customers the contract is accepted for realization, after the confirmation by e-mail and / or telephone consultation, and setting the trade conditions.
4. VAT ProForma advance payment Invoice or, in special cases of regular customers, VAT Invoice, is a proof of concluding the contract. No other documents confirming the acceptance of the order for execution are issued.
5. The date by which the contract is realized depends on the availability of goods in warehouses of manufacturers or EMEA Gateway.

6. The Terms and Conditions of Supplier's cooperating with EMEA Gateway, which may define specific circumstances of the implementation of submitted orders, are also applicable.

Procedure of inserting and realization of orders

1. Only the registered users can use the funcionality of store.
2. The registration data must be accurate in the user legal liability.
5. In the circumstances making the execution of the order temporary or entirely impossible, EMEA Gateway reserves the right to suspend the execution of the contract, informing the user immediately.
3. EMEA Gateway reserves the right to verify the users registration data and the cancellation of all forms of cooperation in case of their incorrectness.
4. The basic condition for the acceptance of order is the correct filling the order form which is available at the online shop.
6. Orders made on the basis of erroneous or false information will not be considered.
7. Ordered products are delivered to the address indicated in the order form.
8. The user have right to the choice of delivery, in accordance with an order form.
9. Shipping costs shall be paid by the user.
10. Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
11. EMEA Gateway does not guarantee the current inventory.
12. Orders for goods at the warehouse of manufacturer shall be carried out within 14 work days (at the same time in Poland and in country of manufacturing).
13. Minimum order is the equivalent of 100 PLN at the NBP current selling rate of Euro.
14. Placing the order at the EMEA Gateway is equivalent to legally binding declaration of the user that sum of money indicated in the price list or in the invoice for the ordered goods is secured by the customer for making the payment for EMEA Gateway.

Price, payment and delivery terms

1. The prices of most products are in Euro. Amount for payment is presented in PLN.
2. The payment for the the ordered products follows in PLN. The conversion from Euro to PLN is based at the sale of foreign currency exchange rates published from NBP and is made at the date of placing the order. Added to the stated price is the VAT tax.
3. Net value of ordered products without considering the individual terms and conditions, which may be covered by the selected contractors, is additionally appear in the e-mail correspondence informing about the processing of orders.
4. EMEA Gateway issues VAT invoices marked as Faktura VAT-MP without the signature and stamp of the issuer
5. Invoice documents resulting from submitted orders are available in the VIP portal tab / link http://emeagateway.eu/emea/en/vip_login/
6. Completion of order is not tantamount to acceptance of the order by EMEA Gateway. Information about the status of the order is available in the VIP tab of the company site.
7. Status of placed order can take the following values​​:
  - No access to the VIP tab in the EMEA Gateway site - indicates the status of a new client whose registration information has not been verified by EMEA Gateway.
  - Lack of information about the placed order in the VIP tab after logging - means, EMEA Gateway runs the process of confirmation the access to the goods specified in order / some products are sold from warehouse /.
  - "Wpłynęło - Received" - status confirming the impact of the order. At the same time a Proforma invoice document is available which takes into account the individual terms and conditions set out in the negotiations.
  - "Przyjęto - Accepted" - status confirming the acceptance of the placed order. At the same time a VAT invoice document is available which confirms the payment done according to Proforma document or other agreements.
  - "Wysłano - Shipped" - status confirming the shipment of goods with a courier company. At the same time a direct link is available for tracing the stages of transportation steps.
  - "Zakończono - Terminated" - status which conforms the delivery done nad receipt of shipment by customer. This confirms the completion of placed order.
  - "Anulowano - Cancelled" - cancellation of the placed order, eg due to lack of payment done by the date indicated on the Proforma invoice.
8. Customers who require a trade credit /deferred payment/ must be positively verified by the EMEA Gateway in terms of financial credibility before confirming the acceptance of the payment.
9. EMEA Gateway grants commercial credit for a period not longer than 90 calendar days for the price of 0.1% of the invoice value for each day of payment deferment.
10. Partial deliveries shall be invoiced separately for each of them.
11. The maximum value of the on-line contract is 10 000 PLN net (without trade discount). Above this value, each contract is dealt individually by the EMEA Gateway. In special cases, we reserve the right to refuse the execution of the contract in case of any doubts to the credibility of the user.
12. Until full payment is received for the delivered goods, they remain the property of EMEA Gateway. The transfer of ownership takes place when the Ordering Party fully meets the payment of the due price.
13. The payment date is the date of receipt of the amount due on the EMEA Gateway account.

Warranty, complaint, replacement and return the goods

1. EMEA Gateway grants a guarantee on the goods purchased under the terms of the manufacturer in period counted from the date of sale.
2. The exchange or the return of goods is possible under the condition, they are intact in original packaging. The return and exchange bear the costs of handling in amount of flat-rate of 25% of the value of returned goods but not less than 20Euro.
3. The return is sent at the expense of the buyer.
4. Any return, exchange or complaint must be agreed with the EMEA Gateway and preceded by a justifying letter sent by post to the address of the company or by email at mailbox info[at]emeagateway.com, which should include a description of the reason for the return or defect as a basis for complaint.


     Do not return product if it has not been previously agreed and accepted by
     EMEA Gateway. Unexpected shipments will not be collected.

Deliveries of goods, transport and shipping

1. Deliveries are made by the shipping company TNT
2.The cost of delivery is dependent on the weight of ordered products and is administered in the ordering process.
3. There is also possible a personal collection of the goods at the EMEA Gateway head office in the weekdays between 8.00-16.00.
Personal collection must be preceded by an agreement with the EMEA Gateway.


1. Foreign customers can place orders using the menu for handling orders online in English, German or Russian. Language has no effect on the ordering procedure.
2. Customers located in countries belonging to the European Union, should provide EMEA Gateway with the European VAT registration number. This will allow EMEA Gateway to make the intra-UE delivery with zero rate of VAT. If there will be no UE VAT Number stored in the registration data, the VAT rate will be added.
3. Export sales outside the EU are made on the basis of the SAD document, which must be confirmed at the border of the EU. If, within one month, EMEA Gateway do not receive the confirmed SAD declaration, the customer will be incurred with VAT and adequate penalties.

Additional information

1. In all business relations with EMEA Gateway the General Trading Conditions are applied.
2. In matters not covered by this Regulations, are applied the provisions of Polish law, including the Civil Code.
3. Placing an order is tantamount to acceptance of these Regulations for Online Ordering and General Trading Conditions
4. In doubtful cases, Polish version is decisive

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