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We implement digital transformation and investment tokenization based on a blockchain blocks. We apply distributed ledger register technologies /DLT/ in photovoltaic power plants, drone charging stations and applications using the Internet of Things /IoT/. We conduct the processes of digitization of enterprises, clusters and organizations as part of the energy transformation, business interaction /BIaaS©/ and the creation of local business balancing areas
We offer professional, very modern TECOMAT PLC controllers, complete automation systems and industry solutions
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EMEA Finance - Financial Services for investors

We are pleased to announce that the EMEA Gateway meets the needs of investors expecting a comprehensive financial solutions, supported the actions. EMEA Finance department is at your disposal in the use of financial engineering, obtaining investment loans, raise cash, securing of properties and making loans. We invite you to submit initial requests in the EMEA Finance tab or to contact the specialists with email sent to finance[at]emeagateway.com.

Agricultural biogas plants

Energy produced without pollution - this makes the challenge of our time. EMEA Gateway specializes in complex systems solutions automating the production processes of biogas and electricity. Redundant programmable controllers TECOMAT TC700 are mostly placed in the difficult environment conditions in the vicinity of fermentation reactor and generators producing electricity. As a source of fuel can be used both, gases derived from corn silage and the fermentation of waste water from industrial animal husbandry. As a result of many questions relating to biotechnology projects, we launched a special accounta biotec[at]emeagateway.com and biogaz[at]emea.pl to which please send correspondence relating to the inquiries of those solutions. They will be addressed directly to the competent advisers. more...

TECOMAT Foxtrot in complex heating solutions

The attractiveness of solutions to the solar energy use is increasing steadily. Performance of solar collectors is so large that their use is becoming more cost-effective compared with conventional gas or solid fuel boilers. More and more individual houses and industrial plants are using solar energy. The heart of comprehensive management solutions are TECOMAT Foxtrot controllers, where the individual CP-1016 is like "tailor made" for management of energy sources in infrastructure facilities.

TECOMAT in swimming pool technology

It seems that the swimming pool is just a simple basin of water. Nothing could be more misleading. Pool, a complex network components and technical facilities to ensure both comfort and health security of people who use this form of recreation. The control system includes the rational management of water and chemicals serving its disinfection. Control and regulation algorithms implemented in TECOMAT controllers maintain the technological parameters of the water and the environment, depending on current needs. And this is a pretty big group.

Security.Lib in the resource of library procedures

The collection of free, TECOMAT family factory library procedures is growing steadily. Besides the group of more than 350 function blocks which correspond to the processes of industrial technologies such as regulation, positioning, direction finding, conducting of follow-up control. and many, many others, the library set was supplemented by procedures for handling alarm monitoring systems also used in infrastructure facilities. To this group Teco has recently added a function block fbDSCsystem which handles communication with the ECUs DSC PC1616, PC1832 and PC1864 series PowerSeries offered by Digital Security Control company from Canada. more...

Energy efficiency as challenge of our time

Engineers and designers have set themselves different objectives. In the past, competed in the construction of infrastructure facilities convenient to the user space, harmonizing with the environment, using glass, metal and plastic, unusual in shape or height. Today a significant impact on the projects are economists and politicians creation writing pro-environmental behavior allowing for precise selection of materials, the rational management of energy resources and the use of renewable resources to achieve the effects of self-sufficiency. Reducing the effects of pressure on the environment, and even reduced to a minimum, it is a challenge, which stand up to the best of the best. Energy efficiency is the same order as the functionality of buildings and surroundings. Solutions based on EMEA Gateway offer allows both to increase the comfort of using such facilities and the management of resources to achieve the highest energy efficiency ratio. more...

TECOMAT Foxtrot in solar power plants

Solar power plants are a source of electrical energy from renewable sources. In one of the world's largest solar power plant with a capacity of 36MW consisting of 186 960 photovoltaic panels, occupying the area of 82.5 hectares, the "first violin" plays TECOMAT Foxtrot. 27 units CP-1004 CPU monitors the whole plant and transmit telemetry data to SCADA Reliance /Reliance Control Server and Reliance Control for 1000 tags/, the supervising and management system. Each of theTECOMAT Foxtrot units oversees a separate power sector and one of them is mounted in central cabinet. Information is sent with Ethernet protocol with optical cable and wireless in the form of SMS messages. Power plant started in autumn 2010 near the village Veprek the Czech Republic. The generated energy covers the needs of more than 1000 households. /see also Solar systems,  write to solar[at]emeagateway.com /.

TECOMAT Foxtrot CPU 1018 - ideal solution for heat exchangers

Family TECOMAT Foxtrot grew a new type of unit. It conforms to the expectations requested by the managers of district heating, especially if they are large systems that support hundreds of exchanger nodes. CPU module with catalog symbol CP-1018 gives you complete freedom to control the size of the analog temperature and pressure in networks of high and low parameters and the circuits of heating and hot water pump control exchangers. Configuration of the CPU is quite ideally suited to applications in the residential heating nodes while ensuring that the management of the whole installation is made in maintenance mode by the SCADA system.

Complex control of traffic and tunnels

Supervision of road traffic control includes primarily variable traffic signs and signals at crossings, tunnels and bridges. Redundant system TECOMAT TC700 integrates the measuring detectors, lighting, fire alarm systems, ventilation, video monitorng, analysis of gases and the weight of the vehicles as well as the cameras to measure the intensity and speed. Configuration allows the integration to obtain solutions for complex traffic management in large urban areas and in the systems available nationwide /see also Traffic control, write to trafficcontrol[at]emeagateway.com /.

Telemetry with TECOMAT Foxtrot system

It's a real boom. Telemetry measurements and the possibility of simultaneous remote intervention of specialists allow you to save large sums spent on maintenance visits. Remote control devices to collect historical data, trends and tendences, automated energy meter reading /SMART Metering/ visualization, are typical tasks of telemetry modules. TECOMAT Foxtrot has built-in these features such standard. An additional, but valuable and indeed the most important feature integrated in each CPU is the possibility of remote intervention of specialists in event of a faults or interferences in the stable work of equipment. Programming, collection of data, visualization and remote management of machines, production lines, HVACR systems, water plants, heating system and even solar power plants using modern means of communication networks, make tasks normally performed by TECOMAT Foxtrot controllers. /see also Telemetry with TECOMAT Foxtror controller, write to telemetria[at]emeagateway.com /.

RFox - Radio transmission in Automation & Security systems.

Teco company has developed a wireless communications system for data exchange in the band 868.3 +-50kHz. This is the range of radio frequencies in the bands identified as intended for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM - Industrial, Scientific, Medical) usage. Selected range is characterized by good resistance to interference in the range sufficient to achieve connections at distances up to 50 mb in built-up area and even to 150 m.b. in open air area.

EMEA Gateway - Training

Participation in professional courses organized by EMEA Gateway is the best guarantee of access to the fundamental knowledge for industrial processes and applications of modern technology solutions. Participants solve alone the practical exercises. The laboratory equipment gives full freedom for modeling different and real solutions. We guarantee intensive learning and "ant work". For details please enter Training. Correspondence to szkolenia[at]emeagateway.com

Parking Systems

Control of traffic and the participants include an ever wider range of tasks performed by automated systems. Specialized solutions provided by EMEA Gateway have a major contribution in the field of professional electronics, detection, identification and analysis of image /see Traffic control/.

TECOMAT - Software tools

Software tools is an important value added to the work of designers and maintenance specialists. From their comprehensiveness and to date statuses depend on the quality and reliability of developed solutions based on PLC automation systems. Users of the TECOMAT systems have steady access to current software solutions for both developers and maintenance specialists.

The latest versions of software tools to support the whole family of TECOMAT controllers can be downloaded here:
- comprehensive, engineering design tool for PLC TECOMAT
ProjectLoader - service tool to copy and upload the PLC program
FirmwareUpdater - tool for upgrading the firmware in TECOMAT devices
SetPlcIP - service tool for setting IP address in PLC controllers
Soft PLC - PLC TECOMAT emulator on PC
FoxTool - tool for parameterization of smart houses based on PLC TECOMAT
PlcComS - external server for quick communication based on EPSNET protocol
Reliance - comprehensive SCADA tool for data acquisition and process visualization

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TECOMAT in modern industrial solutions for all sectors

What are customers looking for? It's a bit perverse question. Customers searching constantly the same. More and better equipment, lower prices, more and longer warranties and better functionality of controllers. But seriously, it is depend on a great many, sometimes conflicting factors. Designers are looking for modern solutions. Developers are looking for a comprehensive feature-rich tools containing free library function blocks, which has is updated with no additional costs. Service men are looking for solutions easy for diagnosis, which is prone to a remote service that allows engineers to shorten the downtime. Planners are looking for controllers which structure allows for easy retrieval of data to help organizations optimize their manufacturing processes and costs, and so on. Family of TECOMAT controllers meets market requirements and needs of the most demanding customers for almost 100 years of tradition in supply electrical sophisticated solutions, so has reason to be proud of. more...

TECOMAT - Professional PLC controllers

TECOMAT Foxtrot controller is dedicated to the automation of machines, designed to create a centralized and distributed control structures for small and medium-sized technology nodes, assembling and production lines as well as management of large complex structures of BMS, control of traffic and the identification of vehicles. Multi-level communication technology, rich library of function blocks and very high speed of execution the user program determine the exceptional technical values. more...

Trainings release incentives for creation of modern projects

Partner meetings and trainings organized by EMEA Gateway always make an opportunity to acquire a knowledge of modern automation and provide a forum for exchange of information and opinions among professionals. High level of knowledge and modern forms of teaching are to guarantee the participants a quick and proven in practice individual skills. Each participant carries out exercises using modern controllers and peripheries ensure full understanding of the relation in  process control systems. Completion of individual courses is confirmed by certificates whose value is highly appreciated by employers. Certificates of participation determine the level of preparedness of companies to undertake cutting-edge projects in control solutions that improve the surveillance system, improving comfort as well as to enhance the safety of processes and reduce their energy consumption. Participation in meetings organized by EMEA Gateway also allows for a little rest in group of friends and meet new students of automation. Sometimes memories are recalled by pictures of hard-working meetings. more...

TECOMAT Foxtrot and ID panels on land and at sea

TECOMAT based solutions dynamicaly support processes in all areas of activity. Starting with precise control of large systems for climate and ventilation to maintain infrastructure facilities, through a wide range of industrial applications, up to the task to a better use of leisure time. Last application hits are installations for yachts and tall ships. In addition to features typical control, TECOMAT family offer the elegant HMI visualization with ID-28 panels, readily assembled at the premises in order to enhance their prestige and convenience facilities by the users. more...

Home and Building Management Systems

Modern automation is used in the home, office and industrial buildings. Tecomat Foxtrot controller /see PLC controllers/ and system INELS integrate all elements of the modern H/BMS solutions, such as a teletransmission networks, lighting, heating, ventilation, conditioning and filtration of air, simulating the presence, monitoring for property protection, access control and personalization, UPS power supply, fire protection and sound control /see SMART Home, read EMEA SMART House/. With great possibilities of communication and telemetry, BMS systems based on TECOMAT Foxtrot offer the willingness to "Smart Grid Ready" mode, so are open to work in intelligent power supply structures.

EMEA Consulting - Advise, audits and energy certificates

EMEA Gateway supports all activities aimed at environmental protection and energy saving. EMEA Consulting department offers expertise and experience in conducting energy audit to obtain energy certificates and related services with the rationalization of energy management in infrastructure facilities. We perform professional consulting services and the modernization of complete building automation systems to achieve better use of energy. See also Energy audits, Energy certificates, Energy advise, Energy consulting

EMEA Gateway - Customer Support CS24h

EMEA Gateway uses all reasonable endeavours to make the offered systems and applications be reliable in operation. For increasing the reliability of the processes, EMEA Gateway runs a CS24h specialized hotline available 24 hours a day. In cases of defects it is enough to fill the electronic service form.

TECOMAT Foxtrot based control systems in the vast water supply network

In the last days of February were completed extensive telemetry system which integrates management of water resources in water networks of Nicosia /capitol of Cyprus/ and Larnaca /city in the south-east Cyprus/. The system coordinates the work of 67 base stations equipped with PLC TECOMAT Foxtrot controllers, which are supervised with Reliance SCADA data acquisition program. The system uses an excellent opportunity to gain energy from solar panels, so the stations are supplied from renewable sources and the connection to the grid serves only as a "hot reserve" in case of defects in the PV sources.

TECOMAT Foxtrot for each industry sector

Family of TECOMAT Foxtrot controllers is growing rapidly. Practical applications include almost all industries. Individual units have central configuration of solutions dedicated to helping to deliver a complete specific tasks in technology. All units of the central object-oriented modules can be expanded remote from the CPU limits the length of system buses. The peripherial modules connected to the system bus directly in the basic range, without an extension with fiber optic cable, is about 1km. Approximate number of inputs/outputs supported by even the smallest CPU is more than 4000 I/Os. Central processing units of TECOMAT Foxtrot allow easy and natural to connect the next CPU unit. This enables support for large installations with an extremely smooth inner and outer communication. Configuring the connection to the next 32 CPU's does not require any additional equipment, and the address range is growing impressively for example to 32 * 4000, more than 128,000 I/Os. It is the unrivaled solution on the market of modern automation. All units have central Ethernet connection allowing for direct communication over the Internet, and integrated Web Server which allows you to implement your own web pages. In addition, each CPU has an integrated Data Logger which enables precise collection of historical data, which is particularly important in the food industry to control the composition of the batch produced food. In this regard, Foxtrot TECOMAT PLC controllers are also very innovative solution dominating the market of modern automation. /See also GreenLife /

Smart Metering with TECOMAT Foctrot PLC Controllers

Energy consumption is an indicator of the progress of civilization. The power of population constitute the consumption of water, electricity, heat, gas, use of natural forces such as wind, wave power or solar energy. In a situation of strong growth in energy demand, increasingly appear to rationalize its consumption needs, both to reduce the cost of its use and the environment. In times of ever increased use of computer control systems are available technical means of the harmonious management of energy resources and carry out remote management with an increase in the consumption level of reliability of its distribution /writ to smartmetering[at]emeagateway.com /.

EMEA Gateway - Outsourcing in Business

Outsourcing, in the search for the optimization of economic performance, is one way to combat the crisis. EMEA Gateway offers service for coordination the networks of business connections in selected sectors of the economy. Manufacturers can focus on technical innovation of their products saving the costs of customers acquisition and marketing /see als Virtual Sales Network /.

EMEA Gateway - Industrial Automation

EMEA Gateway specializes in solving the technological tasks which require the usage of the programmable controllers. Product family Tecomat ensure the appropriate control of industrial processes in a wide spectrum of technologies in all sectors of economy. Redundant central processing units and peripheral modules, implemented in Web server, a broad spectrum of network communications, visualization Reliance, operator panels Tempo, regulation and specialist control in the DDC (Direct Digital Controls) mode, building automation system of Home and Building Management System (H/BMS), constitutes only a small part of possible applications based on Tecomat /see PLC controllers/.

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